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We support your business transformation.

Classic consulting services, as well as project & interim management, turning planning and projects into operational reality.

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Facts & figures, analyses of trends and technical evolutions, stakeholder & competitor evaluations. 

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Serving The Digital Commerce & Logistics Industry

Digitalization and global harmonized standards are tearing down geographical and operative boundaries between formerly separate and independent business sectors.

Merchants &

& CEP Operators

Ecommerce Service Providers

We help merchants & marketplaces comply with new global & EU regulations (e.g. VAT, customs, compliant product declarations), to leverage commercial & postal delivery channels, and proactively leverage market changes such as parcelization.

We enable post & CEP operators to leverage the global postal network, digitalize, comply with EU regulations & UPU tariff models, compete with digitally superior marketplaces and 3PL/4PL, & avoid “commoditization” of last mile delivery.

We assist 3PL/4PL & IT service providers in implementing end-to-end digitalization, seamlessly integrating into delivery networks, providing multichannel / multicarrier shipping solutions, & leveraging the EU 3rd Mobility Package.

Are You Ready To Leverage These 3 Trends?

Outstanding opportunities await innovative and forward-thinking businesses in the digital commerce & logistics industry.

End-to-End Digitalization

All upstream & downstream processes will be become digital, hugely enhancing efficiency along the entire value chain.


Open standards create level playing fields, broadening stakeholder access and encouraging cooperative business models.

Federated Infrastructures

Secure access for all stakeholders – anytime, anyplace, anywhere – creating distributed & resilient networks for the post-pandemic era.

And Profit From The New Regulatory Frameworks?

The changing regulatory landscape will revolutionize the operating environment over the coming 5 years.

  • EU eCommerce VAT package from 1 July 2021, mandating fully digital handling of import customs & VAT on all transactions, with import VAT due on every shipment to the EU
  • Electronic advanced data (EAD) from 1 January 2021, mandated by the UPU for all commercial items sent cross-border
  • EU Mobility package with its EU Transport Data Model (EUTDM) introducing the use of electronic freight transport information (eFTI)
  • Universal Postal Union (UPU) overhaul of postal tariffs and remuneration, impacting postal delivery pricing models

  • Full digitalization of transport & logistic corridors / superhighways
  • EU Digital Service Act to increase citizens’ safety online and protect their fundamental rights
  • EU Digital Strategy will create a modern legal framework for digital services
  • EU’s Green Deal and the digitalization of commerce impacts business environment for courier, express and parcel operators

“The amateurs discuss tactics: the professionals discuss logistics.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

We Provide The Support You Need

We help you transform these disruptions into opportunities, refine your business model, and secure your competitive advantage.

35+ Years' Experience

We serve a wide variety of European & international clients in all areas of Digital Commerce & Logistics.

Powerful Network

We work directly with the EU Commission, UPU, public authorities, regulators, global associations & major industry stakeholders.

Shaping the Industry

We are international experts in our field, chosen to help determine tomorrow’s European and global standards.

CLS Projects

We draw on our experience, know-how and networks to turn visions into profitable realities for our clients. For example:

Digitalizing X-Border Ecommerce

By mapping the global UPU/WCO data model and the EU customs data model to the UN/EDFACT model, we’ve created the blueprint for a harmonised, seamless x-border ecommerce ecosystem.

Data Protection Models

The fuel powering digital commerce and logistics is personal data belonging to individuals.

We've developed business models leveraging the opportunities offered by a sector-specific data protection framework for commerce logistics.

2nd Designated Operator

We helped a parcel delivery service become the first ever 2nd designated postal operator (DO).

Our client now enjoys the preferential rates and conditions enjoyed by other DOs, paving the way for other major CEP stakeholders to follow suit.

Investment Confidence

We explain national and regional differences, identify key players, outline technological developments & regulatory changes, analyse competitors and business models so clients can be confident of getting the returns they seek.

CLS Advisory

Extensive market knowledge paired with perceptive insights. Sign up to the CLS Blog for regular articles exploring the impact of current developments on your operating environment:

One Stop Europe

The EU VAT eCommerce Package revolutionizes and digitalizes customs clearance & import VAT regulations, creating a single, fully digital ecommerce market.

Explore the business models leveraging these new rules.

Digital Post Services

New regulations mean postal operators must digitalize to stay in the market, while commercial operators and marketplaces need to add the postal channel to their solution portfolio.

Interested in becoming a first mover?

Omnichannel & Carrier

Digitalization is fundamentally changing the nature of logistics – leading to real-time control of the supply chain, switching between carriers & delivery channels based on rules, price and service level, and new digital value added services.

Be part of the revolution!

Disruptive Technologies

A fully digital supply chain relies on a technology and digital infrastructure ecosystem. It's about new software, flexible & scalable hardware, machine learning, and make/partner/buy decisions.

Discover your path to success.