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Strategy and Business Development

Helping clients seize opportunities and create value in the rapidly evolving digital commerce & logistics market

Not since the arrival of ecommerce almost two decades ago have digital commerce & logistics industry enterprises been faced with such an imminent set of disruptive changes to their operating environment.

End-to-End Digitalization

All upstream & downstream processes will be become digital, hugely enhancing efficiency along the entire value chain.


Open standards create level playing fields, broadening stakeholder access and encouraging cooperative business models.

Federated Infrastructures

Secure access for all stakeholders – anytime, anyplace, anywhere – creating distributed & resilient networks for the pandemic era.

From the transformative EU tax and import regulations in force from 2021, to the UPU’s mandatory digitalization of all global cross-border item handling, and not to mention a global health pandemic which is directly demonstrating the lack of resilience of today’s global delivery networks.

But upheaval always brings opportunity.

The CLS strategy and business development package

CLS offers clients a powerful, trustworthy, end-to-end strategy and business development service.

strategy and business development

Stay Ahead

Secure your lead in a competitive environment.

strategy and business development

 New Markets

Expand your reach & revenue base. 

strategy and business development

Business Models

Rethink your business to exploit new opportunities. 

We help our clients take their business to the next level by creating value from changing market parameters, and developing new and sustainable business models in a highly volatile and digital business environment.

Today, regulatory changes are forcing many of our clients to focus on compliance.

We help them adapt and comply with the new legal & regulatory environment in the EU (e.g. the EU eCommerce VAT package), and digitalization in the logistics & postal industry, as well as to reevaluate their current business model and actively exploit the opportunities the new regulatory environment creates.

Strategy and business development – our 5-step approach

  • Accurate market data: We are firm believers in well-researched and data-driven decision-making. Clients can be confident that our advice is based on solid market research and a thorough understanding of both the market and its players.
  • Client analysis: We examine our client’s existing strategies, competitor benchmarks, service offerings, workflows, partnerships and networks, and technological status. A clear overview of the status quo allows us to realistically determine your future options.
  • Matching client & opportunity: We combine market data with client analysis to identify strategic business options, clearly indicating the scope of the transformation needed to capitalize on these opportunities. 
  • Prioritize opportunities: We apply our CLS scenario methodology to illuminate the options, comparing potential returns and offering a clear cost-benefit analysis to support the client's decision-making process.
  • Implement strategy & generate sustainable results: Finally, we help our clients exploit these new opportunities, providing active support to turn plans into sustainable results where required.

At your side from start to finish

We understand that business development is more than advisory and consulting, because the best advice in the world is only effective when properly implemented.

That's why we also step in and take direct responsibility – actively partnering with you to negotiate with internal or external  stakeholders, provide interim management capacities, project management, or other forms of direct implementation support – as these projects demonstrate.

To date, we've helped clients in everything from the development of products and services, preparing and implementing new business models, and entry into new markets. We've also secured funding, negotiated and closed deals on their behalf.

35+ Year's Experience

We serve a wide variety of European & international clients in all areas of Digital Commerce & Logistics.

Powerful Network

We work directly with the EU Commission, UPU, public authorities, regulators, global associations & major industry stakeholders.

Shaping the Industry

We are international experts in our field, chosen to help determine tomorrow’s European and global standards.

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