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ONE STOP EUROPE - Creating A Single European E-Commerce Market: Exploring the logistics and ecommerce business models which leverage the changing EU import rules.

DIGITAL POST SERVICES - Our digital post services series explores how the growth of ecommerce and associated technological developments, paired with the rise of new competitors, is fundamentally changing the nature of postal services.

STANDARDS & REGULATIONS: Global, European & national postal regulations & standards ensure global, interoperative postal services. As postal services develop to become communication logistics providers, interoperability is the key to huge increases in operative efficiency.

DATA PROTECTION: The commerce logistics industry is data-driven and based on trust. The UPU's data protection compliance regulations will help postal services retain their role as trusted mediators as postal service provision is extended into the internet.

BEST PRACTICE: Across the global, postal services are adapting their business models to become commerce logistics providers. We examine how various postal services and businesses in the digital commerce & logistics industry are achieving this change.