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Logistics & E-Commerce Industry Stakeholders

The logistics & e-commerce industry stakeholders impacted by rapidly evolving European & global markets

Our clients understand that success depends on realistically assessing their current position, plotting the best direction forward, and consistently following that course. We support our clients with the advice and expertise they need on each step of this journey.

If you operate in the logistics and e-commerce industry, here's what we can do for you:

Merchants & Marketplaces

Online merchants & marketplaces are the dominant players in global e commerce. Their capacity to sell goods & services through a variety of sales channels, and offer their customers digital services and multiple shipping solutions, depends on a clear understanding of logistics & e commerce industry trends, and a high degree of digitalization.

We help merchants & marketplaces comply with changing global and EU regulations (VAT, customs, compliant product declarations), leverage commercial and postal delivery channels, and proactively leverage market developments such as parcelization.

Postal Operators

For decades, exclusive access to the global postal network, its delivery standards and preferential customs treatment, has allowed the designated postal operators to dominate e commerce delivery. These days are over: parallel networks have emerged; delivery processes are digital and the standards universal.  

We help postal operators adopt new global e commerce business models to reduce dependency on digitally superior marketplaces and 3PL/4PL, and avoid relegation to “commodity” supplier status by extending their upstream and downstream value chain.

CEP Operators

Courier–express–parcel (CEP) operators are major stakeholders in the advanced cross-border logistics & e-commerce industry, and deeply integrated into digital, cross-border supply chains. Operating multimodal transport systems, they manage customs clearance and multi-channel, last mile solutions.

We help CEP operators access the postal channel, remain compliant with changing EU regulations, and acquire new and enhanced IT/digital competence for multi-stakeholder service execution driven by the first logistics operator.

3PL/4PL Providers

3PL and 4PL providers are specialists in integrated warehousing operations, fulfilment, IT services and shipping, organizing and overseeing the supply chains of online merchants. They have become indispensable components in the ecommerce value chain and digitalizing the logistics industry.  

We help them digitalize further, and implement the competitive, multi-channel/multi-carrier shipping solutions they need to benefit from the upcoming EU 3rd Mobility Package which will redefine the new digital landscape over the coming 5 to 10 years.

Logistics Automation

Operators collecting, sorting, transporting and delivering commercial letters, packages and parcels need to upgrade operations to handle larger volumes, faster, more cheaply, and using data received in advance of the physical consignments. They rely on equipment which automates the process of matching transport IDs (barcodes, RFIDs, NFC, etc.) with content information, payable duties and taxes, and sustainability requirements.

We help suppliers ensure their equipment complies with the legal and regulatory frameworks being implemented in the next 2/5/7 years.

IT Service Providers

Today’s logistics & e commerce environment relies on an interconnected, ever-changing ecosystem of IT services. Advanced IT providers facilitate digital customs & VAT clearing, payment, shipping solutions and related digital (trust) services.

We help IT service providers fully understand the demands and (future) needs of the logistics & e commerce industry, to meet current and future regulations and standards, and to connect seamlessly with postal, commercial and other stakeholders.

Separate industries – shared challenges

These logistics & e-commerce industry stakeholders are all impacted by new global and EU regulations:

  • All e-commerce industry stakeholders must fully digitalize their operations to ensure their competitiveness, interoperability and enable compliance. The impact of COVID-19 and the rise of Asian-based market players are only serving to accelerate this trend
  • In July 2021 all logistics & e-commerce industry stakeholders will be directly impacted by new European fiscal & customs regulations for imports.

These regulations make the fully digital handling of import customs and VAT on all transactions mandatory, with import VAT due on each and every shipment sent to the EU.

It is a disruptive change, bringing to an end to the current dominance in paper-based customs clearance enjoyed by EU postal operators, and the emergence of a whole range of new business models.

But that’s not all.

  • The EU’s 3rd Mobility Package, due for implementation between 2022 and 2025, includes two legislative initiatives establishing a digital environment for information exchange in transport, directly impacting all delivery providers and their network operators.

Together with the trend for enhanced digitalization and parcelization, these new regulations will significantly reshape tomorrow’s national, European and global e-commerce, CEP and logistics landscape.

We help you stay ahead of the curve

Successful responses to these changing framework conditions include extending value chains both upstream and downstream, digitalizing processes, and integration into broad-based operating ecosystems with seamless, digital communications and cooperative process flows.

We are directly involved in shaping this future operating environment through our work in global postal and European standardization, advising the experts designing these regulations, and chairing the committees creating these standards.

As a result, we are uniquely placed to understand the full extent of the impact they’ll have.

Add our unparalleled expertise and experience in these industries, and you’ll realize what makes us the ideal partner to guide you safely through the coming changes.

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