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The Commerce Logistics Specialists on LinkedIn

The Commerce Logistics Briefing Series launched in March 2021, to provide timely & concise coverage of key developments in the world of digital logistics and the digital transformation of retail.

Since then, we've published 100+ concise briefings – compressed into the easy-to-read format of a LinkedIn posting, and categorized into one of 5 key topics:

Access the posts via the links below, and get notified directly of every new post by following us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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UPU & Postal Industry

Commerce Logistics Briefing

Walter Trezek has been re-elected as Chairman of the UPU's Consultative Committee (UPU CC), the body representing the wider postal stakeholders. That makes CLS ideally placed to provide concise and accurate summaries about current activities at the UPU, plus our thoughts on future developments and the postal industry as a whole.

In 2021 we covered topics ranging from live coverage of the 27th UPU Congress in Abidjan, an evaluation of the new UPU strategy for the period 2022-2025, and an analysis of the impact of the EU VAT Ecommerce package on postal cross-border logistics.

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Future of (E)Commerce

Commerce Logistics Briefing Series

In the Future of (e)Commerce section of the Commerce Logistics Briefing Series we examine the ongoing digital disruption & transformation of the industry and digital logistics/last mile delivery.

We cover topics including hybrid postal/commercial cross-border delivery solutions, the future of out of home (OOH) delivery, and the new last-mile delivery which has emerged during the pandemic.

Naturally, our analysis of the EU VAT Ecommerce package was a major focus. This "big bang" fundamentally changed the framework conditions for importing goods shipments into the EU. We report on the implementation, reactions, and consequences for customs, trade, logistics, and the entire market.

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Postal Standardization

Commerce Logistics Briefing Series

Ecommerce is global, and the UPU has now resolved to give the wider postal stakeholders a much greater role in its future development.

As a result, postal standardization is an increasingly important topic, and the basis for truly interoperable delivery networks, added value services, and seamless cross-border delivery.

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Sustainability in the Postal Sector

Commerce Logistics Briefing

With the European Union's dual green and digital transformation, sustainability considerations are now also driving developments in the postal sector.

By ensuring universal access globally to all the world's citizens, the postal sector as a whole is inevitably a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, developments in the sector include efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

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Digital Transport & Logistics

Commerce Logistics Briefing

Walter Trezek is an appointed member of the EU's Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) which plays an important role in drawing up proposed EU Regulation on electronic freight transport information (eFTI Reg EU 2020/1056).

Digital transport & logistics helps facilitate cooperation between supply chain actors, allowing better visibility and real-time management of cargo flows, reducing the administrative burden, and enabling the better use of infrastructures and resources.

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