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Monthly market  intelligence

Premium briefing on the decisions, developments, and trends directly impacting your operating environment.

One-to-one telephone consulting

Talk the specifics of your business, and get answers to pressing questions.

Valuable contacts & personal introductions

Familiarity breeds cooperation – benefit from access to our global network of partners and contacts.

To create value in the digital commerce & logistics market you need strategies and decisions based on effective market intelligence. Then you can be proactive, transforming threats into actionable opportunities. 

Membership of the CLS Business Lounge gives you the holistic perspective & direct support you need to stay ahead in the digital commerce & logistics industry.

Are you a digital commerce & logistics industry stakeholder?

  • Online merchant & marketplaces who need to comply with new global and EU regulations on VAT, customs, and compliant product declarations, and want to leverage commercial and postal delivery channels.
  • Postal operators who are forced to adopt new global ecommerce business models to reduce dependency on digitally superior marketplaces and 3PL/4PL, and need to avoid “commoditization” of their core business.
  • CEP operators who are trying to access the postal channel, need to remain compliant with changing EU regulations, and looking to acquire new and enhanced IT/digital competences.
  • 3PL / 4PL providers who are seeking to implement competitive, multichannel/multicarrier shipping solutions to leverage opportunities offered by the upcoming EU 3rd Mobility Package, and
  • IT service providers who need to meet current and future regulations and standards, and connect seamlessly with postal, commercial and other stakeholders.


These are exciting times. Make them profitable, too.

Not since the arrival of ecommerce almost two decades ago have digital commerce & logistics industry enterprises been faced with such an imminent set of disruptive changes to their operating environment.

From the transformative EU tax and import regulations in force from 2021, to the UPU’s mandatory digitalization of all global cross-border item handling, and not to mention a global health pandemic which is directly demonstrating the lack of resilience of today’s global delivery networks.

But upheaval always brings opportunity.

As ever, the enterprises which are informed and willing to take advantage of opportunities that arise can secure first-mover advantages.

Get the critical market intelligence you need to succeed

Enterprises in the digital commerce & logistics industry face a series of imminent developments which will directly impact their operating environment. For example, do you know:

  • How to comply with the EU eCommerce VAT package (from 1 July 2021) mandating fully digital handling of import customs & VAT on all transactions, and imposing import VAT on each and every shipment sent to the EU?
  • How electronic advanced data mandated by the UPU for all commercial items sent cross-borders (from 1 January 2021)  impacts your delivery processes worldwide?
  • How the EU Mobility package with its EU Transport Data Model (EUTDM) will introduce the use of electronic freight transport information (eFTI)?
  • How the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) fundamental overhaul of postal tariffs and remuneration will impact postal delivery pricing models?
  • How you can leverage the full digitalization of transport & logistic corridors / superhighways?
  • How your business will comply with the EU Digital Service Act, designed to increase citizens’ safety online and protect their fundamental rights?
  • How the EU Digital Strategy will create a modern legal framework for digital services, establishing balanced and effective online governance, and clarifying roles, procedures and responsibilities?
  • How the EU’s Green Deal and the digitalization of commerce will change the way Courier, Express and Parcel operators need to conduct their business?

CLS Business Lounge membership is designed for stakeholders who are:

  • Aware that the regulatory landscape is being rapidly transformed, but unsure which changes will have a major impact on their business;
  • Looking for a cost-effective way of getting the market intelligence needed to plan ahead;
  • Keen to gain some external perspective, but not ready to go to the expense of hiring consultants;
  • Looking to find someone qualified to talk to about their business, but with no long term commitments.


Membership advantages

The time you have to adapt to these new business fundamentals is measured in months, not years. In many cases, these developments mean ripping up your existing strategy papers and Excel sheet calculations, and rethinking your future.

Membership of the CLS Business Lounge is the ideal starting point.

  • Reduces your workload so you can focus precious resources on your core competences
  • Helps you accurately assess your current position and identify imminent threats
  • Puts your operations in context, so you can envision future pathways more clearly
  • Gives you a better overview of competitors and potential partners
  • Provides a solid basis for profitable investment decisions and actionable scenarios

Every month you receive:

Exclusive Briefing

An indepth report covering the global and European commerce logistics operating environment:

Global: Universal Postal Union: developments in transport, customs, technical and messaging-related standardization and security issues; ISO, GS1: developments, strategy

European:  Changes in postal service legislation & regulation (designated postal operators & CEP operators); Customs & VAT issues; European standardization (CEN & ETSI); Transport and logistics (non-postal); Network security

One-on-one Consultation

Your subscription includes the chance to speak to us directly, at a time of your choosing, every month.

Delve deeper into any of the subjects covered in the briefing, get answers to your pressing questions, and explore the direct impact of these developments on your business.

Benefit from deep, functional expertise in your industry and geography, paired with actionable advice.


Profit from...

  • ... an affordable subscription-based service which offers manageable and predictable monthly costs, and can be cancelled at any time;
  • ...the comfort of knowing you have immediate access to an expert ear who understands your business environment;
  • ...familiarity breeds cooperation – you’ll be at the head of the queue when we're asked about finding potential partners;
  • ...extremely cost-effective access to key industry intelligence, helping you identify specific rather than general consultancy needs;
  • ...we’ll be well briefed on your business requirements if you decide you want to involve CLS in your future projects.

Why listen to the Commerce Logistics Specialists?

35+ Years' Experience

We serve a wide variety of European & international clients in all areas of Digital Commerce & Logistics.

Powerful Network

We work directly with the EU Commission, UPU, public authorities, regulators, global associations & major industry stakeholders.

Shaping the Industry

We are international experts in our field, chosen to help determine tomorrow’s European and global standards.

....because we're specialists

CLS is a boutique consultancy.

We’re specialists, not generalists.

We focus on a very specific business area, and we know it inside out.

Yet, paradoxically, this very field – digital commerce & logistics – is transforming rapidly, and expanding into almost every aspect of commercial life, sweeping away former boundaries between different industries and geographies.

Digitalization impacts every business operating today, and is redefining the very nature of commerce, transport and logistics.

....because we’re actively shaping your operating environment

We know what we’re talking about because we’re actively involved in creating the standards which make global interoperability a reality: digitalizing the entire ecommerce value chain, giving CEP and postal operator seamless access to shared networks, allowing 3PL/4PL and IT providers to integrate and extend delivery value chains, and combining digital fiscal and customs processes.

Our current advisory roles include:

Universal Postal Union (UPU)

Chair of the Consultative Committee (CC), the UPU body representing all wider postal sector players (WPSP)

Projects: Ecom&Africa, eTrade4All, Post4Health, Postal Prosperity Zone (PPZ)

CEN Liaison Officer to UPU Standards Board

European Commission

DG TAXUD - VAT Experts Group (VEG)

DG MOVE - Digital Transport & Logistics Forum (DTLF)

DG NEAR - EU4Digital, eTrade

DG GROW - European Regulators Group Postal Services (ERGP)

CEN TC 331

European Standardisation (CEN)

Convenor CEN/TC331 WG2 (Digital Postal Services)

D5th Mandate M590 C(2023): Digitalization of postal transport documents; Digital identification of postal operators; Digitization of postal information; Secured electronic postal service (authenticated and secured transmission of eDocuments)

Ecommerce Europe

CO-chair: e-logistics & Taxation Working Committee

Representative: Ecommerce Europe at UPU, DG TAXUD, & European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP)

....because we’re the experts the experts go to!

We know our stuff. We’re….

  • ...independent, with no conflicting interests – so you can be confident of unbiased information

  • ...often the first port of call for the major consultancies – so you can be sure you’re getting direct access to the same information at a better price point

  • ...offering unparalleled access to key decision-makers at European and global level – so you can be sure of getting information directly from the source

  • ...helping shape this operating environment – so you can be confident we understand the impact on your business

  • ...respected experts in the industry – so our client introductions and recommendations carry weight

  • ...offering the benefits of a broad network of contacts – so we can identify potential partners and provide the introductions you need to form new partnerships and find new customers


Don't get left behind!

Today, disruption is the norm.

No enterprise in the digital commerce & logistics sector will look the same in 5 years' time.

We offer the market intelligence needed by every digital commerce & logistics enterprise determined to profit from this disruption and stay ahead of the competition.

Membership of the CLS Business Lounge keeps you informed, helping you better judge your next steps.

Our service is personal, and we’re determined always to be available for our members when they need us.

Monthly market  intelligence

Premium briefing on the decisions, developments, and trends directly impacting your operating environment.

One-to-one telephone consulting

Talk the specifics of your business, and get answers to pressing questions.

Valuable contacts & personal introductions

Familiarity breeds cooperation – benefit from access to our global network of partners and contacts.

Are you ready for the benefits of CLS Business Lounge membership?

So, if you’ve been looking to get outside support, but didn’t know where to turn to and don’t like the traditional costs of consultancy, then start here.

Membership costs €590 a month, plus VAT, and operates on a subscription basis which you can cancel at any time. No obligations, no questions asked.

We take pride in working as long-term partners to our members. Many of these partnerships go back years. They’re based on openness, trust, and understanding the value of our intelligence and support.

We’d be honoured to count you among them.

If you're ready to order, just fill out the form below and starting using your CLS Business Lounge membership to navigate your enterprise towards a brighter future. Like to talk to us directly first? Just contact us and we'll set up a time to talk.

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