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International Shipping Costs


The challenge of optimizing the ecommerce delivery chain lies in striking the best possible balance between service level & cost.

That means meeting the demands of customers, service providers and the operational set-up, while also guaranteeing satisfactory lead times and enabling related added services such as tracking, COD, insurance levels, etc.

Professional ecommerce stakeholders work with a wide variety of international shipping solutions and partners, for many different shipping channels and products. That represents a huge potential for making savings and adding value.

And that's where we come in.

international shipping costs

Free Evaluation

Identifying potential savings through contract & rate management.

international shipping costs

Optimization Options

Structured status analysis & feedback to decide your next steps. 

international shipping costs

Tender Procedure

Managing bids & negotiating with providers to reduce your shipping costs.

In the end, it's the costs that count

Our goal is to optimize our clients' international shipping costs.

We identify the most cost effective shipping solution, one which meets the requirements set by the online merchant, marketplace, service provider or logistics operation.

Our expertise lies in knowing the total cost of a solution – including opportunity cost and project cost of adding or changing to a new solution – and selecting the best solution available on the market.

Reduce your international shipping costs by over 20%

We reduce your international shipping costs by finding the optimal routes and rates, provided by the most appropriate partners. The process is simple:

1. Free Evaluation

international shipping costs

We start with a free and non-binding preliminary evaluation of your current set-up, identifying potential areas for optimizing and generating savings on your international shipping costs and logistics through effective rate & contract management.

2. Optimization options

international shipping costs

After signing an NDA, we evaluate your current contract costs, and provide you with a structured status analysis and feedback about optimization options.

Our primary solution focuses on contract & rate management, but we can also cover operational workflows in your warehouse or fulfilment center.

Ideally, we discover that your current solutions are already optimal – giving you the assurance that your company is already doing a great job!

But that's not usually the case. As a rule, we can reduce our clients' international shipping costs by at least 20%.

3. Tender procedure

international shipping costs

CLS specifies and implements cost-saving shipping solutions on your behalf, based on your structured set of requirements.

Together with our legal partners, we also provide the instruments you need to establish and run a professional and successful tender procedure.

We create the legal documents, optimize, specify and formalize your requirements, bundle your service requirements and support, and finally select and then negotiate with new and existing service providers.

We compare and review offers, ensuring a professional tender procedure and a successful outcome that reduces your international shipping costs.

Choose your preferred business model

  • Option 1 — “No savings, no cost: We calculate concrete savings available based on your current set up, sharing an pre-agreed percentage of these savings with you over a specified time period. If we are unable to identify any savings, then our service was free – giving you the assurance that your current shipping model is already optimized.
  • Option 2 — Fixed fee: We work for a pre-agreed fixed fee. This is the model often chosen when CLS prepares and executes a tender process on behalf of a client.
  • Option 3 — Hybrid model: We also combine a fixed fee with a performance-based fee, ensuring there is every incentive to maximize your international shipping cost savings.  

Profit directly from our network and expertise

The Commerce Logistics Specialists are independent and experienced players in the digital commerce & logistics industry.

We draw on our broad network, our know-how, and our extensive database of shipping options & costs to analyse your existing shipping systems and find new, cheaper, and more targeted shipping solutions.

35+ Year's Experience

We serve a wide variety of European & international clients in all areas of Digital Commerce & Logistics.

Powerful Network

We work directly with the EU Commission, UPU, public authorities, regulators, global associations & major industry stakeholders.

Shaping the Industry

We are international experts in our field, chosen to help determine tomorrow’s European and global standards.

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