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Market and business research involves acquiring information and fact & figures according to client specifications. It’s about using the correct and most appropriate methodologies, accessing the relevant sources, and asking the right questions. The result is a comprehensive set of data and figures, forming the groundwork for facts-based decision-making.

However, the best market and business research in the world is only ever as good as your ability to interpret and apply it.

And that’s where we step in.

Market Overview

The intelligence & background briefing you need for GO / NO GO decision making at project level

Expert Studies

Studies & detailed assessments into legal / regulatory / technological fields to determine corporate strategy


Premium market intelligence & insights + 2 hours of one-on-one business support each month.

CLS market and business research services are scaled to your needs, whether once-off background data and briefings giving you the context required at project level, or detailed, expert studies, providing exclusive, confidential analysis of the impacts of particular market developments and effective responses.

We also welcome new members to the CLS Business Lounge: our premium service provides actionable board-level intelligence to support strategic corporate decision-making. This monthly, subscription-based service also ensures we are available to you 24/7 for advice and support.

Our formula for success

Our clients typically come to us with questions such as:

  • Should we enter this new market?
  • What are the most profitable business models in this new market?
  • Which new products and services should we invest in?
  • How do we comply with the regulatory/legal/technological environment?

Our success formula is simple: pair market and business research with industry expertise to get data-driven, strategic decision-making.

We combine market and business facts with expertise in our clients’ specific operating environment to help them envision actionable scenarios  – which we then help them execute.

Effective use of existing data

Often, the information you need is already out there. You just need to know where to look.

We have access to most of the existing papers, studies and data in the market. And – more importantly – we understand their weaknesses and errors.

When it comes to data quality the logistics market, and the postal market in particular, is an extremely grey area. Product specifications are complex and not standardized, and sources (especially public ones) often unreliable.

Just one example: four separate studies, undertaken on behalf of the EU Commission, German regulator (BNetzA) and various ecommerce associations, have each produced very different answers to the simple question of how many domestic parcels are sent within Germany each year.

We identify the true figures, put existing data into context, and provide any necessary supplementary explanations.

Expert Studies

With over 3 decades' experience in the industry, we’ve established a reputation as the place to go to for unbiased and accurate information.

We’ve compiled a range of client-specific, and usually highly confidential, studies and papers, giving our clients valuable insights and solid facts about the ecommerce & postal market, competitors, and business models. Recent examples include:

  • Commercial items and market potential in the EU: Simulation of UPU, bilateral and partner-based tariff models on behalf of an European designated postal operator
  • Market analysis & simulation: Inbound cross-border shipments to EU 2019–2025 including postal Low Value Shipments on behalf of an European logistics platform
  • Evaluation and cost comparison of EU postal customs clearance models on behalf of an Asian ecommerce marketplace
  • Digital business & revenue models based on changes in the EU and global regulation of cross-border ecommerce on behalf of a European parcel operator
  • Legal assessment of the use of Offices of Exchange (OE) and related services for non-designated postal operators on behalf of a European logistics operator
  • Market potential for hybrid multi-carrier/multi-channel import solutions to EU substituting the UK transit model on behalf of an Asian logistics operator

Why choose CLS?

35+ Year's Experience

We serve a wide variety of European & international clients in all areas of Digital Commerce & Logistics.

Powerful Network

We work directly with the EU Commission, UPU, public authorities, regulators, global associations & major industry stakeholders.

Shaping the Industry

We are international experts in our field, chosen to help determine tomorrow’s European and global standards.

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