Will You Flourish or Flounder In The Digital Commerce & Logistics Market?

We’re all permanently online & mobile these days, smartphones or tablets in our pockets. And we’re always expected to be available – whatever we’re doing, wherever we are.

Behind the scenes, this new mobile communications culture is tearing down the traditional boundaries between the post, logistics, telecommunications, ecommerce, direct marketing, electronic delivery and multichannel communications markets.

Formerly separate and diverse, these sectors are converging, creating a new, highly integrated and rapidly growing industry – the digital commerce & logistics industry.

The drivers behind this development are market forces & innovative companies, new data protection regulations, post and telecommunications laws, VAT & customs legislation, as well as European & international  initiatives.

A Paradigm Shift & Game Changer

Are you clear how this revolution will impact the value of your business?

Like it or not, if you’re involved in any aspect of digital commerce then you’re up against a whole new set of legal & technological framework conditions. Plus rapidly changing business models and consumer expectations.

Outstanding opportunities await innovative and forward-thinking businesses.

But you’ve got to be prepared to face new forms of competition and significantly more complex customer relationships.

Plotting The Most Profitable Course For Your Company

We support businesses and stakeholders in the post, courier, IT, telecoms and ecommerce sectors in overcoming the challenges of the emerging communication logistics industry. We navigate you though these choppy waters, charting the open channels, avoiding the shoals, and guiding you into safe harbours.

We’re independent, experienced and unbiased. No hidden agendas. We’re recognised players in the post, IT and ecommerce markets.

We have the ear of decision-makers and are actively involved in shaping the European and international standards upon which global commerce & logistics are based.

We understand your business environment and recognise the challenges you’re facing.

So if you think you might need a helping hand, to shape strategy, analyse business models & product portfolios, or find your way through the maze of laws and regulations, just let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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