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Macao Post: Electronic Delivery Platform

Commerce Logistics Industry Best Practice Series

Macao Post

One might think that Europe and other more developed postal countries such as the United States would be leading the way in developing a next-generation postal network.

However, when we examine the levels of participation and commitment demonstrated by the 192 UPU member states and their designated operators, then the picture is a very different one.

Not only is this development being driven by countries right across the globe, some of the most forward looking developments in postal service provision are taking place not in Europe or North America, but in Asia and South-America.

We have included Macao Post’s electronic delivery platform in our industry best practice series as it offers a very good example of how to extend postal service provision into the digital world, offering both an alternative delivery service to individual recipients as well as a targeted marketing channel for business.

SEPBox: an electronic delivery platform

Macao Post launched their SEPBox in 2013.

Macao Post

Figure 1  Secure Electronic Post Box (SEPBox) for all postal users

This secure electronic post box is a service offered free of charge.

After a user is registered and authenticated, they are provided with a free SEPBox, enabling the subscriber to securely receive government electronic notifications, Postal Registered electronic Mail (PReM), Postal electronic Mail, electronic invoices and electronic direct mail.

  • Each electronic delivery to the registered user is proactively pushed and the user notified, rather than waiting for users to login to a dedicated web site to check on incoming mail.
  • SEPBox integrates with calendars, providing reminders of dates for paying bills or for replying to certain communications.

Advantages for business mailers

Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM) is one of the key services associated with the SEPBox and enables large and small enterprises to promote their products and services directly to interested consumers.

Users are invited to subscribe to eDM channels which reflect their particular interests. The result is an opt-in-based targeted marketing environment, based on the preferences of the individual user.

This channel supports eDM not only with electronic coupons (eCoupons), but also by physical means such as QR codes and personalised mailings. The SEPBox is also linked to the user’s physical address and various postal payment channels.

Legal status of SEPBox mailings

The Macao special administrative region granted the following legal status to Postal Registered electronic Mail (PReM) in 2013:

  • The authenticity of the sender, the addressee, the designated operator of origin and destination are guaranteed
  • Date and time of sending the message, forwarding, delivery, non-delivery, rejection and expiry are guaranteed
  • Confidentiality of the electronic message is guaranteed
  • Integrity of the electronic message is guaranteed

In short: PReM is the legal equivalent to physical registered mail with a delivery advice.

Disclaimer: The information provided in the article is taken from a public presentation and reflects the opinion of the author. It is not the official position of Macao Post.

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